Thankfully there was an upside to all the no-see-um bites

I've been spending time in Taos, NM since we bought a house down here last year. Unfortunately a ridiculously awful forest fire season and then unprecedented monsoons meant last year was basically impossible for astrophotography after May. 2023 was different, and I captured this set of photos overlooking the Rio Grande Gorge. It's about 600 feet down to the river from where I was standing - at the very edge of a 100 foot cliff. I took the foreground photos during Blue Hour, just about the same time I saw a turkey vulture flying from hundreds of feet below me right by my camera rig, and also about the same time I got bitten by about 50 no-see-ums and those bites itched for WEEKS.

Taos, New Mexico


"Thankfully there was an upside to all the no-see-um bites" is available to purchase in a wide range of size and materials.