La Luna Del Diablo

I was lucky enough to witness the 2023 annular eclipse from Diablo Canyon, a short drive north of Santa Fe. The canyon's basalt cliffs rise some 300 feet above the arroyo. The canyon is on the historic Camino Real, a 1600 mile road from Mexico City to the San Juan Pueblo just to the north of Santa Fe - the Camino Real has been used as a hunting & trading route for well over 1000 years and was used extensively by the Spanish to transport silver for more than 300 years.
Diablo Canyon proved to be the perfect viewing location for the mid-morning eclipse. The sun rose out of the northern wall of the canyon and from my location the eclipse started in the mouth of it and continued perfectly over the southern wall. I arrived just at sunrise to capture the wide panorama foreground and get set up. I then used my telephoto lens and star tracker to track the sun throughout the entire event. When I got home I dropped in these telephoto images in their relative positions and at the size the sun looked to me when I looked through my uber-cool flip up eclipse glasses that I made. All in all this is a realistic representation of what I saw that day.

Diablo Canyon, New Mexico


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