2016 Calendars are now available

New to my store are 2016 Nightscape Calendars. These feature the best nightscape photos I’ve taken in 2015. The calendars are 8.5×11 and have 12 of my photos. These will make great holiday gifts! Order by November 23 for delivery before Hanukkah, and December 4 for delivery before Christmas. Additionally, 100% of the profit from these calendars will be donated to Can Do Multiple Sclerosis, the charity I raise money for through my all-telemark ski team Team Teledu.


Mountain Living is Pretty Living

As you may know, I split my time between Denver and Grand County. One of my favorite things about living in the mountains is that everything is pretty. Wherever you look, there’s something pretty right in front of you.

Take going to the supermarket as an example. This photo was taken on my way home from going shopping this afternoon. Pink clouds sat over a snowy Continental Divide. My friend Jen Yu often says that it’s important to look away from the sunset sometimes to really see the best scenery, and tonight was a prime example of that for me.

In a lot of ways, I’m excited for the transition from warm to cold weather. The same places look vastly different my part of the world with a fresh coat of white snow.

Scenes from driving home from the supermarket whilst in the mountains. #sunset #GrandCounty #oohlala

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Welcome to JoshMishell.com

First posts are always a little awkward. I mean, I’m trying to introduce myself to the entire world. But this is the first in what will be a series of regular updates with new work, new gear, new travels, and more. All photos on the site were taken by me and I retain all copyrights on them. So please don’t be stealing photos from me! I shoot with a variety of cameras:

My Real Rig

Canon 6D
Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM
Sigma 70-200mm f/2.8 EX DG APO OS HSM

My first foray into full-frame photography. I decided to pick this up because as I started to really focus on my Nightscape photography. A full-frame camera has considerably better noise control at high ISOs, and that’s a huge concern when you’re trying to shoot the cosmos.

My Light Rig

Canon PowerShot G16 Digital Camera

I’m not exactly a slacker but I don’t always want to lug my professional camera and lenses around. I used SnapSort.com to discover the G16. It doesn’t have the most megapixels. It doesn’t have the most zoom. But it does essentially function like an SLR with a robust Manual Mode, meaning I can control my shots as if I brought along my fancy camera. It also shoots at a high frame rate and comes with a viewfinder (super rare for a newish camera) for a minimum of shutter lag and better functionality in really bright situations (like on a ski hill).

My CameraPhone

OnePlus One

When I forget my point & shoot, I at least have my trusty phone to take photos with. It’s definitely the worst of these three cameras, but it’s also the most convenient. For a cameraphone it’s good enough. But honestly I would prefer this option: want a camera with some optical zoom, a bigger lens, and then it just has an Android phone strapped to it. Bulky, yes. But who the hell actually talks on their phone anymore?

Anyhoo – stay tuned for photos!